There is no doubt we have all experienced the last year of working remotely in different ways. Whether we have children, just starting a new job or trying to work in a limited space, let’s be honest, at times we have all felt challenged by our working environment and the rapid transformation taking place.

Since the completion of Phase 1 of Future Work Design we are more focused than ever on the importance of wellbeing, it runs through everything we do, from re-evaluating our physical workspace through to our strategies and plans.

We want to build on the trust and confidence, not only that we have in our employees but that they have in us, ensuring that they have the opportunity to balance their work and personal priorities by making a wide range of tools available to them. Tools that don’t just focus on how we do our work but also support better communication, collaboration and connectivity across our organisation, something we know from staff feedback is important and therefore key to our success.

We understand the power of technology in our lives and are excited to be taking part in Phase 2 of Future Work Design with our partners, using digital transformation to help drive cultural change and  focus on being our best to achieve our outcomes – for both staff and residents.

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