Phase 1, ‘Future Work Design: Risk’, has had a real impact across our partner authorities and across the country with other councils, networks and organisations facing the same challenges with the changes in working practices due to Covid.  As the project team, we found ourselves presenting and talking on a number of interviews, webinars and meetings which was a great experience and we were pleased with the fantastic engagement.

I suppose it shouldn’t have come as a great surprise to us that Phase 2, ‘Future Work Design: Wellbeing’, has continued to create a real buzz and significant interest.  Luckily as a project team we enjoy talking about our work because of the passion we have and the positive impact it is likely to have on our own lives and those of our teams and colleagues.  And this time round we also have a global giant in the form of Microsoft on-board.

Again we have been fortunate to be invited onto a number of sessions and to hear how they went and the progress we are making follow the links:

Microsoft Envision Event



Digital Leaders Lightning Presentation



Future Work Design on Great Yorkshire Radio



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