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The Centre was formed in 2019 by Professor Fiona Earle and Professor Terry Williams with the main aim of providing high quality external engagement, underpinned by the rigour and ethics of our academic research.

The Human Factors team includes psychologists and management-science specialists from the University of Hull, bringing together decades of experience of human factors in the workplace. Our network of partners, including researchers at the university and associate practitioners, brings together a range of expertise to offer consultancy and applied research services.

The team has established a reputable portfolio of evidence-based approaches to health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace. We have delivered projects and services across a wide range of industries, including local government, offshore and onshore wind, gas and electrical networks, emergency services and construction. The team have secured £millions in research income, applied research and consultancy.

We also work collaboratively with the UK Health & Safety Executive to deliver research and consultancy that aims to address key issues in the workplace, including fatigue, work-related stress and trauma, and to develop existing occupational stress risk assessment tools and approaches.

Meet the Team

Professor Fiona Earle

Director & Chartered Occupational

Dr Léa Fréour

Organisational Psychologist

Professor Terry Williams

Professor of Management Science

Kavin Manivannan

Junior Occupational Psychologist

Georgia Hodkinson

Junior Occupational Psychologist 

Joanne Redburn

Head of Sales & Marketing

Andrew Parkinson

Chief Executive Officer of Lampada Digital Solutions

Gabriella Cameron

Operations Support Coordinator


Helen Roberts

HR Director

A few words from the Director of the Centre, Professor Fiona Earle

The Centre for Human Factors emerged from the drive to translate research into practice.  Building on 20 years as an academic, working in the field of work and stress, I found myself engaging more frequently with organisations outside of academia.  I was motivated to understand their work and their challenges, and aimed to develop meaningful and mutually beneficial collaborations.  

Over the past few years, the Centre has developed into a thriving commercial unit, able to demonstrate significant impact on the ways organisations care for their staff. In my experience, our project partners are highly motivated to address the risks their workplace poses to the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff. However, the causes of stress are very complex and addressing these risks, in a proactive and preventative way, requires a multilevel approach combining academic research with a robust exploration of the unique challenges that are present in each organisation. 

It is our mission to support our partner organisations in their journey to enhanced staff health, safety and wellbeing. I am hugely proud of the knowledge activities undertaken by our team and look forward to developing new and exciting partnerships. 

Professor Fiona Earle
Director, Occupational Psychologist
& Human Factors Specialist
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