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Drawing on our considerable experience and expertise as academics and applied practitioners, we offer a range of applied research and consultancy services that offer clients independent evaluation. In the application of robust and rigorous psychological research methods to exploring organisational challenges, we adhere to the highest ethical standards and gather data that supports organisations in evidence-based decision-making. We offer flexible and bespoke services to suit your needs, and would welcome a conversation about the challenge you seek to explore, question you wish to answer, or problem you need to solve.


Human Factors

Occupational Stress Risk Consultancy Services

Our team are nationally recognised as specialists in occupational stress risk assessment, contributing to the development of nationally available tools and research to support employers in delivering wellbeing strategy that’s fit for the future.

We work closely with the Health and Safety Executive in the development of stress risk tools, and our outputs for stress risk management in remote working have been incorporated into the HSE’s digital resources as an add-on question set alongside the Management Standards within the online Stress Indicator Tool.

We are able to offer a range of bespoke consultancy services to support organisations in meeting their legal duty of care, but to also go above and beyond by really delving down into the root causes of stress and poorer mental health within your organisation, so that you can tackle stress effectively and with longterm impacts.

Our range of services are offered at three levels of intervention: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Work with us to assess your unique fatigue risks and plan your fatigue management

We offer a consultancy support service for fatigue risk management (FRM), underpinned by a multidimensional model of the fatigue-risks facing your workforce. We adopt a bespoke approach, which allow us to collaboratively design a package of support for effective fatigue risk management planning.

Key to an effective FRM plan is:

1. an exploration of the range of risks facing your employees, and

2. assessing the gap between the existing risks and your current fatigue risk controls

Our plans typically include:

1. Fatigue Investigation Tool (FIT)

The FIT is a research-based survey of fatigue risks, which can be distributed to employees at all levels of your organisation. It will provide a quantitative analysis of fatigue risks, identifying the patterns and fatigue hot-spots across your organisation.

Risks are measured across a range of domains including:

1. Shifts patterns, working hours and recovery

2. Work demands (physical, emotional and mental)

3. Environmental stressors

4. Organisational fatigue culture

We can also develop bespoke aspects to the survey assessment in line with organisational requirements.

2. Fatigue risk management workshops

This service includes an in-person series of workshops with managers, relevant operational employees and decision makers. The aim is to gain an understanding of the unique fatigue risks in your organisation or in safety-critical roles. This will include a gap-analysis to facilitate the development of preventative and mitigation strategies. It will also help to develop common understanding of fatigue risks at all levels of your organisation and we will help you to produce a bespoke and comprehensive fatigue risk management plan in line with your needs.

Web page under development. Further details coming soon.

Web page under development. Further details coming soon.