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It is our hope that as a nation we make the same progress in mental health and safety in the workplace over the next ten years as we have in physical health and safety over the last 30 years.

Our vision is that all employees know how to have a healthy work life and can make informed choices about how they work, and that all employers make it the employee’s right to work healthily, supporting them to do so.

Our mission is to work with employers to reduce work-related stress, anxiety and depression to its lowest ever levels, making work a place of health.

We do this by helping organisations understand and effectively manage risks to health and wellbeing in the workplace. We work with organisations nationally to embed evidence-based, pro-active and preventative approaches to stress and fatigue management, applying systematic and robust methods of analysis to  understanding their unique organisational challenges. This enables pro-active and targeted intervention with the best possible chance of long-term positive impact.

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