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At the Centre for Human Factors, we recognise that while organisations often excel at addressing risks to physical health, there is often a gap in effectively managing psychosocial risks that impact mental health and overall wellbeing. Given their subjective nature, psychosocial risks pose a complex challenge for organisations to understand and address. Our mission at the Centre is to be your guide and support you on your journey to better understand and more effectively manage these risks.

It is our vision to offer a paradigm shift in managing these risks: Rather than solely focusing on enhancing individual resilience, we advocate a proactive approach to addressing these risks. This proactive approach encourages organisations to think beyond “what can we put in place to support our employees who are suffering” but rather consider “what could we do to prevent our people suffering in the first place”.

Our expertise and engagement with your people will allow us to pinpoint specific risks that may impact your workforce’s well-being. Join us on this transformative path to create a healthier and more supportive work environment.

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