Future Work Design

The Centre for Human Factors at the University of Hull is working in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Hull City Council, North East Lincolnshire Council and North Lincolnshire Council on a new study into the effects of remote working, funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.  This new study is looking at the impact on staff working remotely or from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the effects on staff health and wellbeing alongside an increase in efficiency and productivity in the delivery of services to the public.

LGC Award Winners 2021Future Work Design
13th December 2021

Winners of the 25th anniversary LGC Awards have been announced!

The University of Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull City, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire councils - in a joint partnership project - were announced as the deserving…
Microsoft My Analytics DataFuture Work Design
26th October 2021

MyAnalytics: Is it about the Individual or the Organisation?

This project is exploring whether tools such as MyAnalytics can have an impact on wellbeing at work. The premise behind the design of the project is that through being presented…
Future Work Design - Hybrid Working ResilienceFuture Work Design
21st October 2021

Resilience Developing the Skill

Some things from the last 24 months stand out and how we cope with dramatic change and preparing ourselves for what the future ways for work hold for us requires…
Future Work Design
22nd September 2021

Finding the right balance for me

The opportunity to take part in the future work design project and have access to training to improve my digital skills, was one I embraced whole heartedly. I am proud…
Future Work Design
14th September 2021

Use of Technology – Organisation Development

Exciting times for us all with nearly 400 employees across our 4 local authorities working with us to test digital solutions to support wellbeing. Our employees have gone through an…
Matt Johnson Different ResonanceFuture Work Design
17th August 2021

Social Media & Future Work Design

The Future Work Design project has always been a collaboration. Back in Phase 1, there was East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Hull City Council, North Lincolnshire Council and North East…
Future Work Design - WellbeingFuture Work Design
2nd August 2021

Future Work Design: Wellbeing Phase 2

So here we are at the beginning of August and half-way through the second phase of our ‘Future Work Design: Wellbeing’ project with all the partners working hard to help…
Future Work Design
20th July 2021

Future Work Design: A Series of Interviews

  Phase 1, ‘Future Work Design: Risk’, has had a real impact across our partner authorities and across the country with other councils, networks and organisations facing the same challenges…
Future Work Design Home OfficeFuture Work Design
5th July 2021

Using Our Learning to Inform Our Future

There is no doubt we have all experienced the last year of working remotely in different ways. Whether we have children, just starting a new job or trying to work…
Microsoft 365 Communication Adoption and Training LeadFuture Work Design
25th June 2021

Blended Working: Understanding the potential risks to mental health

At Hull City Council we know that via our WorkSmart programme, a flexible and blended way of working is possible, as proven these last 15 months as we responded to…
Future Work Design
8th June 2021

How we’re supporting the future of hybrid working in the UK 

The way we work has been forever changed. Like many other industries, local authority employees, and indeed all public sector workers, have had to pivot to remote working practices whilst maintaining services for the citizens they…
Future Work Design
24th May 2021

Future Work Design: Phase 2 Update – May 2021

During Phase 1 of this collaborative project, we developed a tool for measuring workplace stress risk in remote working. The tool was based on the UK Health and Safety Executive’s…
Future Work Design
29th April 2021

Future Work Design on Great Yorkshire Radio

Listen Here:   Brief Summary With the launch of FWD: Wellbeing, building on the success of Phase 1 FWD: Risk, both funded by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local…
Future Work Design
14th April 2021

The Start of Future Work Design: Phase Two

The team are back again ready for Phase 2 of the Future Work Design: Wellbeing.  East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Hull City Council, North Lincolnshire Council, North East Lincolnshire Council…
Future Work Design
15th December 2020

What’s Been, and What’s Next?

The funded project has now come to an end, and as it drew to a close we found it highly useful to reflect on work and the experience. In this…
Future Work Design
10th November 2020

Developing a New Tool to Measure Psychosocial Stress Risk for Remote Workers

Developing a New Tool to Measure Psychosocial Stress Risk for Remote Workers For those reading for the first time about this work, you may find it helpful to first read…
Future Work Design
26th October 2020

Perspectives on Collaborative Working

This project has brought together a collaborative team consisting of four local authorities in the Humber region and the University of Hull. Also involved in the delivery of this project…
Future Work Design
19th October 2020

The Research Process: Researcher Q&A

Who are the researchers and what are their backgrounds? We are Dr Fiona Earle and Dr Katie Cunnah and we are both Psychologists and Researchers at the Centre for Human…
Future Work Design
12th October 2020

The Challenge (or Opportunity) of Covid-19 An East Riding of Yorkshire Council Perspective

The Concept Covid-19 has turned our worlds upside down.  The East Riding of Yorkshire Council had to react quickly to enable over 4,000 staff to continue to work from home.…
COVID different way of workingFuture Work Design
5th October 2020

North East Lincolnshire Council’s Incredible COVID Workforce Response

There is nothing like being thrown in at the deep end with a mass change to the way you work and the use of new technology to do your job…