Exciting times for us all with nearly 400 employees across our 4 local authorities working with us to test digital solutions to support wellbeing.

Our employees have gone through an assessment of their digital maturity and then separated into intervention and control groups. Staff in the intervention group have completed a training package on how to effectively use the digital solutions available to them and are using MyAnalytics to reflect on their working practices and adopt healthier and more efficient ways of working. Both groups of staff are completing daily diaries to enable the University to review the challenges and benefits during the 8 week pilot period.

MyAnalytics is collating data in the background for the intervention group and they are now receiving daily insights into their working habits so they can reflect and make changes were necessary to support their wellbeing.

People involved in the pilot have expressed their excitement (and in some cases apprehension) at being part of this work, with phrases such as….

It is great to get some insight into how I can improve my approach…
The daily insights are fascinating
I’m starting to see how I can manage my work more effectively
There’s lots to learn…
I wonder if I am capable of this….


It is important that anything we adopt works for our people. The pilot will help us understand what works and also what further support, training or tools are required to help staff make positive changes to their working practices.


Technology can help people make a difference, but it is reliant on individuals to change their behaviours as a result.

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