Dr Felix Why

Operations Director & Senior Psychologist

Felix has worked on personnel selection and occupational health assessment/intervention with the Singapore Police Force. He has assessed occupational health using psychological (e.g., personality, coping styles) and physiological (e.g., cardiovascular, cortisol, immunoglobulin) indices measured in a laboratory (Why et al., 2003) and in an outdoor occupational setting (Enkelmann et al., 2005). Recently, he has begun collaboration with Humberside Police to apply his expertise in occupational health to the UK context. Felix is a registered health and occupational psychologist and part of his clinical work and research include health behaviour assessments (Why et al., 2019) and developing interventions to change health behaviours (Why, Huang, & Sandhu, 2010). Felix is currently leading a team at the Centre for Human Factors on organisational approaches to preventing psychosocial injury in policy, particularly through using data and psychological screening at recruitment and selection stages to ensure the people most able to cope with the psychosocial demands of the job are recruited to posts, thus protecting the wellbeing of organisations and employees.


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